Tyvek® vs Proshield®

The brand name Tyvek® for coveralls is like Kleenex® for tissues in that consumers have adopted the brand in reference to the type of product.  Many times consumers use Tyvek® coveralls for light jobs (such as protection from grease, dirt and grime and maybe light liquid like a little oil) when Tyvek® is usually overkill.  When the wrong type of coverall is used, users may experience overheating and general discomfort. Though Tyvek® suits are liquid proof, they are better suited for messy paint jobs, steam cleaning, or cleaning up a potentially hazardous liquid spill or body fluids...Read More

Food Safety Concerns: Disposable Gloves

The FDA has issued a update to the Food Code in 2017 stating that foodborne illness in the US is the major cause of personal distress, preventable illness, avoidable economic burden and death! The annual cost of these foodborne illnesses are estimated to be between $10-$83 billion. Luckily, the FDA has also given us some tips on things you can do to make sure your food is safe from cross-contamination...Read More